The Five Words That Mean Success for Your Home Business

I know it can be annoying when people create titles to nab your curiosity, but the truth is that curiosity is one of the only surefire ways to market successfully using human psychology for good. When I first started as a home-based business owner, I was always looking for the latest, greatest, and newest system, trainer, CD, DVD, lead company, script, email text, and more. And guess what–I never found those things. But I did find a lot while looking for those magical tools or MLM panaceas–and what I found was a few key patterns among those who had “made it” in the direct sales and networking industry. These are a few of the one word solutions that I noticed upon close study of the gurus, mentors, and masters of our industry.

1) PERSISTENCE– they never quit no matter what–never–no excuses, no blaming–no quitting. Period.

2) FAITH– they walked by faith not by sight. Something where you know the exact financial earnings and results that you will receive is called a JOB. Jobs require faith for sure, but not as much faith as building a business from scratch.

3) DAY– their efforts, marketing, prospecting and more were done one day at a time. The top achievers in our industry earned their stripes, accolades, and large bank accounts by consistently working one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other. If that sounds like a cliche to you, you haven’t made it yet

4) FLEXIBLE– top achievers in our industry consistently are flexible–not fickle–but flexible. They do not spend two weeks lamenting the change in their company’s compensation plan whereby reps now make $1 more on one package and $1 less on the sale of another package. The bottom line is that as long as humans are involved, there are changes–therefore all companies will always have changes in their products, services, comp plans, websites, and more. Get used to it. It’s a good thing.

5) FINISHING– the single most important word for entrepreneurial success (in my opinion) is FINISHING. That’s right. People who serve others and make things happen make a habit of finishing what they start. And people who build long and short-term wealth make a habit of finishing what they start. I’ve noticed that in my career, if I email a question to two reps–one who makes 10K per year and one who makes 100K per year, the higher earning rep answers my question first. Mystery? I think not.

So let’s develop the ultimate success guarantee– businessshed that’s the habit of finishing. Make a game out of it. Finish each book and article you start. Finish the email you started for your new team members. Finish calling the lead list that you invested $20 in. Finish the new autoresponder campaign that you vowed to do on weekends in your “down” time. Finish the courses you’ve bought, finish the conference call recordings you’ve started–and finish finish finish.