Using CDs in Your Marketing for Client Attraction

Here’s a quick tip for you to use in your marketing ASAP to generate more leads….

One of the things I do when I’m out networking at live events or when I speak or have an exhibitor booth at an event is I bring free gifts for everyone. I’m not talking about free pens and candy; I’m talking about actual, business-building free gifts, things people can use like CDs with a recorded training class or audio on it. I have other things I bring for free too like handouts, flyers, tip sheets and card holder book things but CDs is what I want to talk to you about for several reasons in this article.

Using CDs in your marketing can do the following for you:

1. Give you a great handout or freebie to give as gifts at events – very unique

2. Give you something you could sell in fact too if you’d rather – for say $10-20

3. Add big time credibility to yourself, showing that you have products and cool marketing materials.

4. Gives people extremely good incentive to want to get on your email newsletter list (which you need to make sure they’re aware they will receive if they take one!)

5. Positions you as an expert with your advice and information on the CD.

6. Enables you to get access to a potential prospect for 20-60 minutes with your message.

7. Gives you a great place to provide a clear call to action for how they could take action with you, their next step or to buy something.

I highly recommend doing something like this in your own marketing if you’re trying to figure out a way to increase your client base and/or make more money.

What do you say on the CD?

1. Give advice about a particular topic you have expertise in.

2. Talk to one of the biggest pain points your prospects have in regards to your product or service.

Make sure to add in a little bit of info about you, your story and then don’t even think about doing this without a clear call to action step for them to take at the end. How do you produce it? There are two ways typically…

1. Do it yourself (not as recommended due to taking too much time) – buy the Memorex Easy CD Label Maker Software from any office store for like $30, it includes label sheets and CD wizard on how to design your own label.

2. Go through a fulfillment house to have them produced for you and delivered to your door (highly recommended) – I use Vervante but there is also Speaker Fulfillment Services and Mimeo you can use as well.