What Is a Hosted Voice Service?

The hosted IP Telephony is a network-based service, specifically designed for growing and active business companies. The service can be adjusted to perfectly suit the company requirements and it can offer benefits to staff from both the office and from remote locations.The concept of Hosted Voice offers hosted PBX and hosted telephone systems, among its many other utilities in the business environment. A business voice network operates as a fully manageable, hosted and IP telephony service, which encourages organizations to focus on their productivity rather than worry about managing the telephonic scheme.

The ideal environment for a hosted voice service is a large organization with multiple subsidiaries. For these organizations, the hosted business VoIP offers significant savings in costs, increased working efficiency, resilience and ensures business continuity. It functions as a distributed system which forms backup, so if an element fails the backup becomes active and prevents any damage from occurring. A voice switch is provided with the installation, which eliminated the need for the PBX.

The PBX is the Private Branch Exchange which enables the connection between all office telephones, with telephones from the company’s headquarters. This device also provides features like call hold, transfer, voicemail, audio conferencing and music on hold. With the development of telephone switching industries, the switching element began to be incorporated in computer software, thus eliminating the hardware components. As the technologies of Internet Protocol networking evolved, IP PBX quickly became the current dominating telephony system.

The competition in the telephony market challenged the development of other services such as the hosted PBX and the hosted VoIP. The hosted PBX service displays a single number as available for the entire business organization, even if the organization is multi-sited. It provides a multitude of ways of access, so that the staff can access the network through a variety of devices such as POTS, business mobile phones and VoIP. Another benefit of the hosted PBX service is that it eliminates the need for hardware maintenance.

Consequently, the hosted PBX is an arrangement between key ideas of the PBX premises calling features, the central calling switch and the IP transport, which provides high speed linking and data sharing. At the core of the hosted PBX comes the concept of Software as a Service, also www.businesse.co.uk as SaaS. In the case of the Saas, a facility like the telephone switch can become certified to a client organization. The service operates as a management facility and confirms whether the software operates maintenance and support. It provides more control over the system as it is hosted on the provider’s server and is constantly monitored.