College Health – Teen Health And Teen Fitness – High School Workouts VS Effective Workouts

It’s funny what happens to gyms across the country around 2:30 to about 4. This is when the typical “housewife” leaves the gym and the typical high school (or college) student comes in to workout. They aren’t concerned with teen fitness, teen health or college health. They are much more concerned with other things.

If teens today cared about teen health and teen fitness, they might get better results at the gym, look better, feel better, etc. But they aren’t concerned with teen health. They are concerned with how they look and the numbers they put up.

College students and high school students (males and females, unfortunately….each have their own specific flaws) come to the gym typically for social/ego purposes.

(Before you bombard me with messages about how you are concerned with teen health and teen fitness, let me say I am generalizing after years and years in the gym).

Males at the gym not concerned with teen fitness: It’s a numbers game, not a teen heath game. By that I mean they throw on three plates on each side to squat, bend their knees three inches, and stand up. BOOM. They can now go to the locker room and say they squatted 315. Not exactly teen fitness.

Females at the gym: social hour, not teen health or college health. Either it’s boy hunting, or talking amongst yourselves between sets.

College health is not about chit cbdrumourcom.
Teen health is not about squatting large numbers.
Teen fitness is not about socializing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, teen health and teen fitness can be accomplished in a social atmosphere. But college health and teen health needs good workouts also. College health is a major problem with buffets and Jack Daniels, and college health will not improve while soroiety sisters talk.